HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions 

AERIUS Marine is a market leader in the design, installation and commissioning of maritime HVAC solutions. We develop tailor-made HVAC solutions on board passenger ships and navy vessels for our customers. Furthermore, we offer our customers innovative, sustainable technological solutions compiled individually and customised with the utmost precision. We see ourselves as a partner for every phase of a ship’s life cycle, from the design planning through the just-in-time material logistics right up to the turnkey handover. Our range of services stretches from pre-design to engineering to the delivery of components and materials right up to installation and subsequent commissioning. All of our work is performed to the highest certified quality standards.


Quality is the decisive criteria in the piping field, both in terms of the selection of materials and when it comes to the realisation of the tailored plans. The pipes must be suitable for a wide range of different media and, at the same time, be able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure loads. AERIUS Marine works exclusively with qualified engineers employing high-quality materials in compliance with the pertinent national and international standards.


Specialised refrigeration technology requires a vast range of diversity. AERIUS Marine designs and delivers customized solutions based on standard components chosen by leading suppliers and creative, customised solutions with technical know-how. Always with the objective, to develop an optimal solution needed to reach the required cooling capacity.

Our extensive research and development efforts allow us to guarantee that our systems all employ the latest, state-of-the-art technology. Each system is designed with a compact construction and optimised to ensure that it can satisfy the particular requirements of a wide range of vessel classes. The use of environmentally friendly coolants with components to minimise vibration and noise makes it possible to achieve maximum cooling capacity.

Fire protection/Fire fighting technology

Because of the special circumstances on board ships safety must be given even higher importance. The IMO (International Maritime Organization) and the individual classification societies place particularly high requirements on the technical systems in the special field of fire protection / fire fighting technology. We offer a range of fire fighting systems including some customised versions for protecting the various areas on board ships.

AERIUS Marine offers turnkey solutions for water-based and gas-based fire fighting systems as well as special fire fighting technology. In addition, we offer low-pressure water mist fire fighting systems for the protection of engine rooms, cabins and public areas, the property protection in engine rooms and protection in the galley (incl. fryers and extraction ducts).

Gas-based fire fighting systems (Novec TM 1230, FM-200 (R), inert gases, CO2) are employed for our customers to protect engine rooms and special areas in which electrical systems are installed.

Ongoing further developments ensure that our fire fighting systems always correspond to the state of the art and thus that we can offer our customers the best protection possible. Our highly efficient fire fighting systems can be used for all types of vessels. Special solutions for compliance with shock/vibration regulations, LNG tank protection and NBC spraying systems are no problem for us.

AERIUS Marine offers fire fighting system solutions for the whole ship from a single source. This includes consulting services, planning, installation, monitoring and servicing across all aspects of fire protection / fire fighting technology.

Research & Development

AERIUS Marine’s self-imposed goal of being a technical pioneer and offering maximum efficiency at the same time is reflected in a strong focus on our research and development. With calculations and simulations as well as real-life physical tests, we combine theory with practice effectively.

The laboratories at AERIUS Marine have already seen numerous prototypes mature from ideas into actual technical solutions and in the future we will continue to focus all our efforts on remaining a technology and innovation leader. Some examples of the developments we have already made reality include:

• a pressure-controlled distributor and reheater for crew quarters on navy vessels
• a compact ceiling ventilation unit with a heat recovery wheel for passenger ship cabins
• the validation performed with pilot experiment of a cascade connection comprising mechanically and electrically operated pressure relief damper for the protection air area of navy vessels

Every year we conduct intensive testing in our own test cabin, a 1:1 scale mock-up of a passenger ship balcony cabin. Our range of tests includes, for example, simulation of the operation of the cabin air conditioning including all external and internal forces as well as the sonic and fluidic optimisation of components (individually and/or in combination).

For AERIUS Marine, research and development has been the focus of our work for many years already. We want to offer our customers the very best competitive advantages in terms of the efficiency, comfort and quality of all of our systems – now and in the future.


AERIUS Marine employs the competences brought together under the heading “Service” to support the operation of the ship in accordance with the respective customer’s requirements.

Our services include the planning and performance of maintenance work on HVAC systems, refrigeration and fire protection equipment as well as technical consultancy to the ship operator.

Together with our customers, the experienced engineers and technicians of our service team develop solutions for technical adjustments and improvements which prove necessary during the operation of the ship. At AERIUS Marine this includes the analysis of cases of damage and the delivery of spare parts including the corresponding documentation (e.g., operating manuals, certificates and installation instructions). In addition, our spectrum of services also includes rapid and worldwide turnkey processing of conversion and repair measures.

Yet another fundamental aspect of our comprehensive service concept is the computer based simulation of the whole HVAC system. Our experts utilise the results of the computer simulations to derive regulations for the efficient operation of the systems and identify targeted improvement measures.

The Service department at AERIUS Marine is rounded off with crew training sessions and an interactive app offering maintenance personnel additional support.