Fire protection/ Fire fighting technology

Because of the special circumstances on board ships safety must be given even higher importance. The IMO (International Maritime Organization) and the individual classification societies place particularly high requirements on the technical systems in the special field of fire protection / fire fighting technology. We offer a range of fire fighting systems including some customised versions for protecting the various areas on board ships.

AERIUS Marine offers turnkey solutions for water-based and gas-based fire fighting systems as well as special fire fighting technology. In addition, we offer low-pressure water mist fire fighting systems for the protection of engine rooms, cabins and public areas, the property protection in engine rooms and protection in the galley (incl. fryers and extraction ducts).

Gas-based fire fighting systems (Novec TM 1230, FM-200 (R), inert gases, CO2) are employed for our customers to protect engine rooms and special areas in which electrical systems are installed.

Ongoing further developments ensure that our fire fighting systems always correspond to the state of the art and thus that we can offer our customers the best protection possible. Our highly efficient fire fighting systems can be used for all types of vessels. Special solutions for compliance with shock/vibration regulations, LNG tank protection and NBC spraying systems are no problem for us.

AERIUS Marine offers fire fighting system solutions for the whole ship from a single source. This includes consulting services, planning, installation, monitoring and servicing across all aspects of fire protection / fire fighting technology.