Research & Development

AERIUS Marine’s self-imposed goal of being a technical pioneer and offering maximum efficiency at the same time is reflected in a strong focus on our research and development. With calculations and simulations as well as real-life physical tests, we combine theory with practice effectively.

The laboratories at AERIUS Marine have already seen numerous prototypes mature from ideas into actual technical solutions and in the future we will continue to focus all our efforts on remaining a technology and innovation leader. Some examples of the developments we have already made reality include:

• a pressure-controlled distributor and reheater for crew quarters on navy vessels
• a compact ceiling ventilation unit with a heat recovery wheel for passenger ship cabins
• the validation performed with pilot experiment of a cascade connection comprising mechanically and electrically operated pressure relief damper for the protection air area of navy vessels

Every year we conduct intensive testing in our own test cabin, a 1:1 scale mock-up of a passenger ship balcony cabin. Our range of tests includes, for example, simulation of the operation of the cabin air conditioning including all external and internal forces as well as the sonic and fluidic optimisation of components (individually and/or in combination).

For AERIUS Marine, research and development has been the focus of our work for many years already. We want to offer our customers the very best competitive advantages in terms of the efficiency, comfort and quality of all of our systems – now and in the future.