AERIUS Marine employs the competences brought together under the heading “Service”, which includes for example the planning and performance of maintenance and repair work of HVAC systems, refrigeration and fire protection equipment as well as technical consultancy.

Together with our customers, the experienced engineers and technicians of our service team develop solutions for technical adjustments and improvements which prove necessary during the operation of the ship. At AERIUS Marine this includes the analysis of cases of damage and the delivery of spare parts including the corresponding documentation (e.g., operating manuals, certificates and installation instructions). In addition, our spectrum of services also includes rapid and worldwide turnkey processing of conversion and repair measures.

Yet another fundamental aspect of our comprehensive service concept is the computer based simulation of the whole HVAC system. Our experts utilise the results of the computer simulations to derive regulations for the efficient operation of the systems and identify targeted improvement measures.

The Service department at AERIUS Marine is rounded off with crew training sessions and an interactive app offering maintenance personnel additional support.

 Overview of our key competences:

•  Conversion
•  Repair
•  Maintenance
•  Commissioning
•  Spare parts and Spare Part Concepts
•  Technical planning, consulting services and elaboration
•  Construction measures and construction supervision
•  Hygienic requirements for maintenance as per VDI 6022

For the following systems:

•  Air conditioning/ventilation equipment
•  Refrigeration
•  Piping
•  Fire protection/fire fighting
•  Measurement, control and regulation technology