News September 2020 – Carl Weczerek is new CFO at AERIUS Marine

On September 1st, 2020 Carl Weczerek (37) was appointed CFO of AERIUS Marine GmbH in Hamburg.

AERIUS Marine GmbH has been 100% owned by PON Holdings since March 2020, where it is part of the Marine Engineering Company (MEC) in the Equipment & Power Systems division.

AERIUS Marine is a supplier for ship operating systems and technology worldwide and offers solutions for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), refrigeration, piping as well as fire protection and fighting technology for all areas on board any types of ships, be it cruise ships, ferries, mega yachts or naval vessels.

Carl Weczerek has been active in the offshore wind project business for the last ten years and has held various positions in the commercial sector, tender and project execution. After working in Norway, Scotland and Poland, he spent the last four years as commercial director of a Dutch company at the Hamburg site.


AERIUS Marine GmbH
Lübecker Straße 128
22087 Hamburg, Germany
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